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Horse Ranch

Farm & Ranch Insurance

Protect Your Farm in Case of Damage

Whether you own a large commercial farm or a small hobby ranch, it's important to take out the right farm or ranch insurance policy. You put too much time and money into your livestock and equipment for it to be left unprotected.


AP Insurance gives free quotes on farm insurance and ranch insurance in Medford, Owatonna, Faribault, Kenyon, Warsaw, Waterville and more.  Insure lifestock, equipment and all your farming needs.  

We've earned a reputation for helping local farmers get great coverage at affordable prices. Stop by today to see how we can help you.




If you’re considering taking out a farm or ranch insurance policy, you’ll want to know what all it covers. Most of the farmers insurance we sell covers:

  • Rock ingestion

  • Livestock suffocation

  • Milk contamination

  • Farm equipment damage

No matter what you need, we’ll help you find a policy that will fit your specific situation.

Contact us today to get a free quote. (507) 214-1469

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